Oxydivers Linklist

Here you find pages dealing with design and construction of simple Rebreathers . In addition, sources of material also listed the "normal homebuilder" are available.

DIY Rebreather

Oxygen Rebreather, pendulum Rebreather and modifications to the "IDA",german!
RG-UF/M site in german, detailed and expert information on types and conversions
Tom Rose, american rebreather homebulder
Dans homemade rebreather
Dr. Bobs O2CCR homemade rebreather
Swiss oxygen rebreather homebuilder, german!
oxygen booster hand driven, german!


the best database for Rebreathers ever
Super Informations about WKII Dräger Tauchretter
Dave Suttons very god rebreather site, >> ARO
oxygen diving, german
Manual oxygen diving with pendulum rebreathers, italian Neu!01/2008
USN Dive Manual Kapitel 18, oxygen diving with LAR, english Neu!01/2008
pictures about GDR divers frm army and GST Neu!01/2008


oxygen cheap overflowing, overflow tube Neu!01/2008
Soda lime Neu!01/2008
oxygen sensor ( Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD )
PVC fittings and pipes
acrylic (plexi) glass, plates and tubes
Fittings, ball valves, needle valves, etc.
High pressure glands
Cordura coat
RG-U/FM parts a.s.o.

Otherwise, in the DIY-store eyes open and Check everything to "misuse" ! Switch on the common sense .... it goes much even without HI-TECH.