homemade DIY Rebreather und dive

homebuild / rebuild

NVA Rebreather

PT1 pendulum Rebreather

RG-UF/M real Frontpack

pendulum reb stealth 2 (S2), innovativ

*Oxy-RR2 backpack rebreather

*Stealth Rebreather


LAR Clone LAR76

metal pendulum rb mouthpiece

Oxy-RR1, medi backpack rebreather

tactical vest

RG-UF/M regulator repair and maintenance

pendulum rb MSP 2003

pendulum rb MSP 2005 plus

MSP protective cover

RG-UF/M rebuild

Msp 2006 MCCR full metal

tube rebreather KG150

DIY store pendulum 2007

protective cover Type II

pendulum mouthpice

pendulum to double hose

breathing bag EPDM


photo / video
underwater digicam 1

underwater digicam 2

underwater digicam 3


homemade nickel

drain hole mouthpiece

small lightwight mouthpiece

Duckbill valve for double hose regulators

12V O2 Booster

Fini direkt

O2 depth gauge

*Pneumatic oxygen booster

*Homemade sodalime

little oxygen tanks

mccr push-valve

25cent flowmeter

Boyle Mariotte depth gauge

pressure gauge at RGU

O2 Booster 

dive light

fin straps


new boots at drysuit

oxygen sensor test pot

dive light type II

books and Vids

O2 overflow


I want translate my website step by step for english users.
But this is a projekt for a longer time. Currently available the left and right startsites.

DIY dive projects, which about primarily diving with oxygen rebreathers
and related topics. I use were always extremely cheap materials, which are not usually from commercial divers shops come. As tools is often sufficient drill, hammer, hacksaw and file.

A new homemade era begins now with a lathe .

Now on facebook and member at HTG germany


These are all naturally none construction manuals anything and I reject all the liabilities of whatever kind. Diving with this oxygen rebreathers securely ends deadly!

People who are not to like homebuild solutions, please leave this Site. The copyright for all content on this page is mine.

The individual projects and information are now available in the menus arranged thematically. The latest changes may menu top right to be selected directly.

About Tips, hints and questions, I am naturally pleases.

Who want can me write a Mail.

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NVA Rebreather

pendulum reb stealth 2 (S2), innovativ

homemade nickel

drain hole mouthpiece

Update Oxy-RR2

small lightwight mouthpiece

Polnischer "Kaiman" restored and documented

Russian IDA-57 restored and documented

Duckbill valve for double hose regulators

PT1 pendulum Rebreather


Polish "Kaiman" restored and documented

IDA-57 restored and documented

Rebuild Medi Hydromat 2+1

KSK Medi Nixe

Restoration Medi 713

*Medi Nixe type2

*Restauration Hydromat1

Replica Medi Nixe

teardown IDA76 with drawings

2x4 pressure air fishwatcher

Hans Hass pendulum RB

to restore Hydromat

Pictures: MEDI NIXE 1954

GDR DIY breathing regulator

compressor Poseidon P91

Underwaterpictures /-video

vintage fotoshooting

underwaterpictures 1

underwaterpictures 2

underwaterpictures 3


Reports / Experiences

testreport BPA 2007

testreport pendulum RB

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